Tokaji Aszu - Tokaji sweet wines

Le Bouchon Vinothek, your online Hungarian shop, offers the largest range of Tokaji Aszu wines in Switzerland. Tokaji Aszu is a Hungarian sweet wine of the highest quality, made from Hungarian white wine grapes, such as Furmint, Linden Leaf, Zeta or Kabar, in various degrees of sweetness. Tokaji Aszu is one of the most important and traditional wines in the world, produced since the XVI century according to the traditional method, based on the late harvest of the sorted grapes and the subsequent special oenological process. Tokaji Aszu wine was first mentioned in documents in 1571, and its production was regulated by the Tokaj Wine Description. Harvesting usually takes place between October and December, when the Aszu grapes are selected and harvested by hand. It is therefore necessary to harvest them several times (three or four times depending on the vintage). Besides the unique quality, this also explains the high price of Tokaji Aszu wines, as it is an extremely labour-intensive process.
Tokaji Aszu is not only a noble sweet wine, but also a unique speciality, which is produced exclusively in the Tokaj wine growing area, because the volcanic bedrock of the vineyard, the sunny slopes and the microclimate determined by the rivers Tisza and Bodrog are essential for the formation of the noble mould (Botrytis Cinerrea). In the Tokaj wine region, wine production has a thousand-year-old tradition and became world famous in 1703 through Tokaj Aszu, when Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II. gave a bottle of Tokaji Aszu to the French King Louis XIV. He apostrophized it as follows: "Wine of kings, king of wines". Many important personalities have been enchanted by Tokaji Aszu, Goethe called the Tokaji in "Faust" "a miracle of nature". Tokaji Aszu is one of the best matured wines in the world, thanks to its high sugar and acid content it is already highly enjoyable at the age of 150 years, which is why Tokaji Aszu is very popular among wine collectors. 
Tokaji Aszu, thanks to its sweet taste, is especially great with foie gras, duck liver, terrines and blue cheeses (Gorgonzola, Roquefort or Stilton). Tokaji Aszu is also great with sweet dishes such as fruit cakes, chocolate brownie, crème brûlée or pancakes, just be careful that the dessert is not sweeter than the Tokaji itself. Tokaji is now celebrating his comeback, which is perfectly illustrated by the fact that the most expensive wine in the world in 2019 was once again a Tokaji Aszu Essence: CHF 40,000 a bottle.