Gál Tibor Winery

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They grow fruit on the first class vineyards of Eger, on 37 hectares. The soil in Eger is unparalelled and extremely versatile. Eger is the home of a beautiful relief, vineyards and fields characterized by unique microclimate. This is accompanied by our exciting seasons which bring cold, wet winters, sunny but treacherous springs and hot summers. In Eger they are capable of creating beautiful, full-bodied white wines as well as the most elegant red ones.

The Winery has from the very beginning strived to fully reflect these features, the terroir in the wines. Even Tibor Gál Sr laid great emphasis on items selected from the vineyards, which best reflect the attributes of the terroir. The traditions of Eger, his work and diary notes provide the groundwork for the present composition of the Estate so the vast potential of the vineyards can be utilized to its fullest.


According to the legend from Cheb, the name bull's blood comes from the Turkish period (1541-1699), when István Dobó, the captain of Cheb Castle, had red wine brought up from the cellars to strengthen the warriors in the fight against the Turks attacking the fortress. When the Turks saw the red liquid running down their faces and the warriors gaining strength from the drink, they thought that the enemy was drinking the blood of bulls. They did not dare to fight them any more. The legend is hardly true, as only white wine was produced in Hungary until the time of Turkish rule. The Kadarka grape variety and the red wine production technology with maceration were spread in this region by the Serbs fleeing from the Turks, and it is thanks to this that red wine grape varieties gained more and more ground.

Eger Stierenblut is a blend of different red wine varieties from the Eger wine region, in which no character of any of the related grape varieties may dominate. The production of the Eger Bull's Blood looks back on a history of almost 130-150 years. It used to be a full-bodied, strong wine based on the Kadarka grape variety, but phylloxera and the structural changes that followed the world wars and are still ongoing today have also left their mark on the character and composition of the bull's blood. Today, Eger bull's blood is characteristically a blend with varying proportions of Hungarian wines such as Blaufränkisch, Portuguese, Kadarka and international varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and more recently Pinot Noir and Syrah.

The modern Eger bull's blood is a full-bodied red wine, determined by the climate and conditions of the Eger wine-growing region, with medium to high tannic acid and alcohol content, beautiful acids and a characteristic spicy and fruity aroma. The name "Egri Bikavér" is a protected quality wine registered in the EU with a geographical indication, its production method is regulated and controlled, the name may not be used by wine growers outside the Eger wine region.