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The idea of ​​the Borecet Works known today was born in the mind of Ferenc Formanek in 2006. Formerly a teacher, physicist and researcher has been interested in the art of winemaking and viticulture since childhood, so when he moved to Bodrogkeresztúr, he was inspired to connect to the traditions of the world-famous Tokaj wine region. Seeing and appreciating the traditions of Tokaj farmers that have been nurtured for generations, he felt that even with a winery he could not add more to the values ​​of the countryside. Instead, he began researching a long-forgotten ancient tradition, wine vinegar making. As a game of fate, while looking for a food engineer for his business, he also found a match for his life. Today, together with Anita Képíró, they lead the Wine Vinegar Works, which uniquely creates vital vinegars of value in Hungary.
"Quality, naturalness and health are at the heart of Borecet Works. Knowing the millennial traditions of vinegar production, taking into account the beneficial physiological effects, we want to demonstrate the need to consume vinegar. To this end, we strive to modernize production processes while maintaining traditions. with the latest technology, keeping in mind the quality of the product. "