Nyakas Winery

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"Our estate is located in the Etyek-Buda wine region, in a tiny settlement lying at the foot of the Nyakas Hill, wearing the simple name ‘Tök’ (which means ‘pumpkin’ in Hungarian). We primarily engage in the making of fresh, reductive white wines, rich in fragrant essences and flavours. We currently produce grapes on 187 hectares (88% white and 12% red grapes), our processing capacity is 14,000 hl of wine, and we have a storage facility of 470 sqm. Our wines mainly reach the maximum of their sensory characteristics and bouquet in bottles, in a reduced environment."


The Etyek-Buda wine region is on the border of Budapest and extends on circa 5632 hectares. Etyek is situated 30 kilometers from the capital in the Etyek Hills on the northeastern border of Fejér County. The hills are windy but the plateaus obtain excessive sunshine, have unique ecological conditions, and their limestone-rich, deep-layered brown forest soil provides good acid-structured base for wines. “Etyek is the vineyard of Budapest” – already in the Roman period wine-growing was widespread in the area. 13th century entries mention the wine-production of the Buda Hills; flourishing grape cultivation became the main source of income for local people.

According to the chronicler of Ladislavus IV, a knight named Aynard arrived to Hungary together with Margaret – second wife of Béla III – in 1186, whose family came from Champagne and who later became landlord of Zsámbék. The king welcomed the company of his wife and he expressed his hospitality by granting rich estates. Traditions of grape cultivation that are used today can be traced back to the beginning of the 1700s when German vine-growers were settled in the village after the chasing out of the Turks from Hungary. The Hungarian Royal Chamber and the ecclesiastic and secular landlords were the leaders of settling German people. In Fejér county it was the members of the Esterházy family and the Jesuits who settled German Catholics to their lands.

The conditions of the wine-district resembles to Champagne which was noticed by József Törley as well, who used the grapes of the area and made his champagne factory world-famous. Peasants of Etyek worked on the neighboring lands of Archduke József in Alcsútdoboz, in the area of Göbölpuszta and its wine cellars, today property of the Etyeki Kúria. Today only 120 wine cellars operate out of the 1000, two rows of them are protected.