Thummerer Winery

weingut thummerer  - ungarische weine - vins hongrois


The Thummerer Winery is a family enterprise that began in 1984 when we first started grape cultivation and wine making. We produce wines from our self-established, 100-hectare vineyard in the Eger wine region. There is a wide selection of varieties on our land. The main varieties are Királyleányka, Chardonnay, Ottonel Muscatel, Tramini, Zenit, Sauvignon Blanc, Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Blauburger and Kadarka. In our vineyard, we grow 80% black grapes and 20% white. We harvest grapes from the Áfrika, Vidra and Mészhegy hills of Eger; the Tekenőhát, Kőkötő and Csókás hills of Noszvaj; the Juszalagos hill of Novaj; and the Nagyvölgy and Nagyvölgy-tető hills of Szomolya. We have started to replace the older plantations, and as a new experiment, we have established Cabernet Dorsa and Csóka varieties. Every year we renew our technology with internationally recognized modern and superior quality equipment. This is true not only for our winery but also for our viticulture. Our main goal is to attain the highest quality so that we can create a specialty each year that will enhance our selection."


Eger wine region is located in the north-east of Hungary, at the foot of the Bükk mountains. It is an area of unique possibilities, where the cultivation of both red and white grapes has been widespread.

The climate of this wine region is rather cool, and it is duly represented in the wines’ character, namely in their exciting acidity, rich aromas, not overpoweringly present tannins and their elegance. None of these would be realized if Eger did not have a soil so fundamentally rich in character. It is complex and varied.

Here the lower layer rhyolite tuff of volcanic origin dominates, and is covered by hard, deep brown soil rich in clay. Moreover, composition of the soil in the slopes and vineyards is breathtakingly colourful and unique, where lime, slate, zeolite, marl and sandstone, or a combination of these can be found, giving the wine a strong character.