Villa Tolnay - Philipp Oser (CH)

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Ten years ago Philipp Oser the owner of winery first time visited the hill Csobánc. Then he instantly fell in love with the landscape and the special atmosphere. There was a house on the hill, he immediately knew that this was his place. Csobánc hill, located on the Northern shore of Lake Balaton, in the Tapolca basin, is one of the most beautiful volcanic mountains in Hungary. The southern slopes of the mountain are excellent. Philipp Oser did not know that the house has a unique history. The original villa was the weekend house of the famous Hungarian actress Klari Tolnay. When the building was acquired in 2004 by Philipp Oser, out of respect for the actress he has kept the name, he named his winery Villa Tolnay.

"When I first came here, I experienced the terroir, the potential of the soil and the climate. I could sense it in some wines of the region, but I could not find the perfect wine that showed the true potential. My idea was to use the potential of the whole environment here and get it into the wine. To bring what you see here, what you smell here and what you sense here into the bottle. In the last ten years, I think we found our unique style of wine. We have learnt how we can translate the terroir character of Csobánc or Badacsony into our wines." - Philipp Oser


The Badacsony wine region was named after the Badacsony, which "witnesses" the reunion of man and nature through over two thousand years of wine culture. The vineyards on the side of the Badacsony, which dips into the Balaton like a peninsula, ripen their grape bunches in the sub- Mediterranean type of microclimate. The tempering effect of the water mass of the Lake Balaton, the retentive heat in the basalt cap of the mountain, the reflection of the sunrays from the water surface onto the mountainside and the most intensive sun radiation in the country, guarantee an unequalled high must degree, even in the most unfavourable years, and the full-bodied character, taste and bouquet of the wines.

Few people know the health-preserving effect that the wine from grapes grown on the side on the Badacsony have, and within that the Kéknyelű due to an outstandingly high potassium content or the Badacsony Italian Riesling due to a high magnesium content, their growers could even be entitled to call them medicinal wines. In the thousand-year history of Badacsony viticulture the Kéknyelű has claimed the highest rank. The Kéknyelű is the most commonly known type of the Badacsony, its name has become one with the name of the region, its fame is also well known outside of Hungary. Suiting special tastes this character wine can justly be considered to be the "flagbearing" wine of the Badacsony. Whilst it is grown world-over the Szürkebarát can also be considered a landscape variety due to its unique quality when produced here. For this reason the Badacsony Szürkebarát is not just one of the long line of "Pinot Gris" wines but is a unique wine speciality, which bears the unique local characteristics within it. The excellent characteristics of the Olaszrizling (Italian Riesling) can perhaps be best enhanced in the microclimate of Badacsony.

The saying about it goes "it is like a good wife, it does not shine, does not glisten, but is good to live with". This variety has in fact contradicted the saying, because here it does "shine and glisten" . This is verified by the successes achieved at wine contests with extraordinary quality late harvested fortified wine and ice-wine entries made from Olaszrizling.