Unicum - Hungarian spirits

Le Bouchon Vinothek, your online Hungarian store, carries one of the largest ranges of Hungarian spirits in Switzerland. Hungary's best-known liqueurs are Zwack Unicum (herbal bitters), Pálinka (fruit brandy, apricot and pear are particularly popular), and Zwack Maximilian Tokaj Brandy. Unicum is a Hungarian herbal liqueur or bitter that is drunk as a digestif and an aperitif. The liqueur is now made by Zwack according to a secret formula with more than forty herbs and stored in oak barrels. Archaeological finds from the area around Buda prove that spirits were already known in the Kingdom of Hungary in the 13th century. The first written reference dates back to 1656, in his work Opera Medica Johannes Praevotius (1585-1631) writes of the "Acqua vitae reginae Hungariae", the "water of life of the Hungarian queen". Presumably, this was brandy given by the personal physician to Queen Elisabeth as a medicine. "Truth lies in wine, sincerity in palinka." So says a Hungarian proverb. High-quality ingredients, expertise, tradition and care result in the highest and unchanging quality. The range of Hungarian spirits is unmanageable in breadth and depth, we offer a part of it to discover.